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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is the IRBNet technology solution different?

IRBNet is a service-based solution open to the entire research community and backed by our world-class support team. There is no software to purchase or install. You have no servers to maintain and there is no burden on your local IT support staff. IRBNet is an enterprise-class, hosted toolset that is secure and accessible from anywhere, anytime on any platform - all you need is an internet connection and a browser.

At the core of IRBNet is our Smart Form platform that provides a flexible data architecture, allowing you to quickly change the data you collect as your needs change with no cost, no delay, and no lengthy, high-risk implementation effort. IRBNet's proven technology supports institutions of all sizes.

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Does the solution serve IACUC, IBC and other Boards?

Yes! IRBNet fully supports IACUC, IBC, and all your other Boards, right out of the gate without additional customization, no additional modules to buy, and no complex solutions to install. For those institutions that wish to expand beyond IRB, IRBNet provides complete integration for all your boards on a single, unified platform.

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How does IRBNet pricing work?

IRBNet is designed to be cost-neutral for your research office. Under our primary program participating institutions pay only a low, one-time per-study Electronic Records fee that covers all submissions and reviews for the life of a study, including continuing reviews. For participating institutions this per-study fee can be waived for un-funded research.

There are no costs for startup, maintenance, standard training or support. You can have unlimited users. There are no license fees and there is no software to buy. You pay only based on your usage - we were built for everyone, from the smallest to the largest.

Contact us for more information.

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What are the Enrollment Terms?

IRBNet is open to the entire research community. You pay only as you use the system, not before. You can leave with 30 days notice. You own your data. Our Enrollment Terms hold more detail, but the entire agreement is less than two pages long.

Contact us to see for yourself.

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How long does it take to implement and get trained?

We help you through this process - it's easy. Enrollment is very straight forward. IRBNet assists you through your user registration and training as well as planning, communications and conversion strategy - all before any cost is incurred. Your basic enrollment can be completed in as little 48 hours. You dictate the pace, you dictate the schedule and you dictate the roll-out plan.

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What training does IRBNet provide?

Participating Institutions receive instructor-led, web-based training for Administrators, Researchers and Committee Members. We provide Training Energizers to guide your users through the process. We also provide video-training refresher courses. All at no cost. Our Members tell us IRBNet is so intuitive and easy to use that most Committee Members and Researchers need little to no training at all.

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What level of support does IRBNet provide?

IRBNet is backed by our world-class support team. We work with you on an ongoing basis to make sure your needs are always met. Our help desk is available to answer all mission critical inquiries without delay. We respond when you need us. There are no additional fees for support. Our support is the best in the industry. Just ask some of our members.

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Can I convert my open studies?

Yes. As a participating institution, you are entitled to place all of your open studies on IRBNet at no charge. Some Institutions choose to enter these on an event-driven basis. Others choose to process these in bulk up front. We will work with you to determine the best and most sensible approach to meet your needs.

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Will my data be secure?

Yes. Data security and continuity planning are top priorities for IRBNet. IRBNet is hosted at a secure, enterprise-class data center that supports the strict requirements of the US Government. Encryption, password authentication and strict authorization rules are a hallmark of our dedication to protect your information with the best technologies available. Our network supports the high availability requirements of leading Financial Institutions. Nightly backups are moved off-site to fire-rated facilities. We also provide additional backup services for your peace of mind. Do not hesitate to ask us more questions.

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Why not build it ourselves?

Our members that have taken this approach in the past tell us that building a solution is a high-risk approach:

  • Most software developers don't understand IRB or the nuances and dynamics of institutional research. We do.
  • Most IRB Administrators, Staff, Committee Members and Researchers have neither the time nor the resources to dedicate to designing a system and guiding the development effort.
  • The budgetary implications carry on every year - updates, training, development, customization. Simply running the system and operating the servers can be many times the cost of using IRBNet. Does the Institution have the long term financial commitment for this? Millions of dollars spent developing a home-grown solution may still fall far short of the immediate features available to you through IRBNet.
  • How responsive will your internal IT team be to your requests, concerns, and technical challenges? Is your project a priority to them? Will it remain so as time goes on? Do you want to entrust mission critical business activities to internal resources that may not be specialists in the field?
  • What are the political risks of failure, delays or of the final product being less than ideal?
  • How will you integrate with other research communities, locations and institutions? How can you share information with users outside of your organization? These are key considerations most internal systems do not address, and cannot manage.

IRBNet has been investing in our system since 2001 and our solution is best-in-class. We continually introduce new features based upon our member feedback. We support our systems so you don't have to, saving you time and money.

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Can you help me think through the business case?

Our Members frequently ask for our assistance to build the right case for going electronic. While each Institution is different, we have seen many common themes and understand the value and benefits that you can realize. See how we can make a difference. We are happy to help you think through your Institution's specifics and help you build the right business case.

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What is the history of IRBNet?

IRBNet was developed in 2001 under the National Institutes of Health program for Human Subjects Research Enhancement Awards. Today IRBNet provides a secure, reliable, easy-to-use and affordable solution to research institutions of all sizes and all types. Let us know how we can help you.

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How can I join the IRBNet team?

The WCG family is always on the lookout for outstanding individuals to join our team. Check out our current job openings here.

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Satisfied Members

"Our first electronic meeting went so smoothly!  It was over so fast the members didn't know what to do. They just sat there for a few minutes in disbelief."

"IRBNet makes our entire operation more efficient, saving time and money. It is amazing how much more we get done, in less time and with the same staff. It's fantastic."

"My Committee Members love IRBNet and actively use it to complete their reviews prior to the meeting!"

"IRBNet has been a major asset for Nemours, enabling us to performing seamlessly across our multiple institutions and IRBs in Delaware and Florida."

"Our members consistently find IRBNet quick to learn and easy to use. IRBNet has made my life easier around here!"

"The IRBNet backbone integrates compliance and research across NH. The time savings, process transparency and paper reduction have been significant. We couldn't do without it!"

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- Bruce Day
Director, Office of Research Integrity
Marshall University
- Ken Grissett, IRB Manager
Sacred Heart Health System
- Tina Berry
Director, IRB
Winthrop-University Hospital
- Paul Garfinkel
Director, Office of Human Protection
- Gwendolyn Miner
IRB Coordinator
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
- Margaret Almeida, Coordinator